Ritter's Pro-Big Labor Play "Inane"

The Denver Post has taken Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter to task for firing the first shot in the battle between Big Labor and workers, calling his pro-union-bosses giveaway “inane.”

Ritter’s weakness also has been exposed in his inability to avert a nuclear showdown on this fall’s ballot between business and labor leaders. Ritter provoked the business-sponsored right-to-work initiative with his inane executive order granting collective bargaining rights to state workers.

That, in turn, provoked labor to run a handful of ballot measures that would be devastating to Colorado businesses. And Ritter, so far, has been powerless to stop it.

Ritter needs to spend this summer somehow rebuilding the coalitions he frittered away with his labor giveaway. Otherwise, Coloradans can look forward to two more lackluster years while the state’s highways, bridges and universities crumble.