Secret Ballots a Must to Protect Rights of Union Workers

Kingley Guy of the Sun-Sentinel newspaper hits the nail on the head when he writes:

The right of workers to form a union is vital to American freedom, but the secret ballot is fundamental to it. Yet, Barack Obama and most Democrats in Congress are acting like marionettes as labor unions pull the strings to deny workers a secret vote when deciding whether to organize.

The so-called “card-check” legislation would allow a union to form when a majority of workers publicly affix their names to a document stating their desire for representation. The potential for abuse is obvious. Forget peer pressure, and instead think about union goons strong-arming members to sign up. Toe the line, or else!

The Democrats have given the pending legislation the Orwellian name of the “Employee Free Choice Act.” It should be called the “Sign Up, Or We’ll Break Your Kneecaps Act.”