SEIU Endorses Pot Initiative

In California, voters will consider Proposition 19, a measure to legalize marijuana.  Supporters got a big boost this week as the SEIU, the state’s largest union, endorsed the measure.  Supporters of Proposition 19 hope the endosrement will bring with it the cash it so desperately needs to pass.

Of course, SEIU cash is nothing more than forced union dues money taken from workers.  Union boss Bill Lloyd wrote, “As you know, our primary objective in the 2010 election is targeting the top of the ticket. The lion’s share of our focus and resources are targeted at electing Jerry Brown as our next governor, but we look forward to joining you in any way we can to help pass Proposition 19.”

Whether it is to show solidarity to supporters of Jerry Brown or to support the tax that will be imposed on pot sales, this leading to more government spending, the SEIU is clearly behind the initiative.