Union Bosses Want SEIU-Picketer Miami Mayor Stoddard

SEIU Bosses continue their push to keep control of Big City Mayors and Airports with their recent endorsement of Miami Mayor Phillip K. Stoddard.  SEIU has been able to call out Stoddard to join pickets (“protests”) when they needed him. Recently, Goddard showed up Miami Mayor Phillip K. Stoddardat the Miami airport when a favored SEIU employer lost its contract.

SEIU uses the ability of Big City Mayors with Airport Board appointment authority to pack board members and force SEIU demands onto airport employees and employers.

These actions provide another example how government unions are inescapably political as argued in the Friedrichs v California Teachers Assn. union case heard by the US Supreme Court earlier this year.

Monopoly-bargaining contracts, even in Right to Work states, provide labor union bosses with tremendous power over employees and their workplaces.