SEIU's Vietnam

Some on the Left are calling SEIU’s “victory” in Fresno their “Vietnam”:

SEIU defeated NUHW by 233 votes in their bitter election over Fresno’s 10,000 home care workers, but now faces a situation analogous to the United States in Vietnam. It took nearly one thousand staffers and an estimated $10 million for SEIU to eke out a victory in Fresno, the labor equivalent of carpet-bombing. But just as the massive bombing of North Vietnam failed to bring the United States an ultimate victory, SEIU’s Fresno campaign left its opposition unvanquished, and likely better positioned than SEIU to win future elections. 

SEIU won’t give up the massive amount of union dues it takes from workers.  If workers in the Golden State had the Right to Work they could make a free choice — to join a union or not — and not be subject the the harassment and intimidation tactics of the union bosses.