Sen. Isakson: President Obama Withdraw SOL Nominee

Sen. Johnny Isakson (GA-R) agrees with Sen. Michael Enzi (WY-R), The National Right to Work, and others that President Obama must withdraw his current Solicitor of Labor (SOL) nominee M. Patricia “Tricia” Smith. Ms. Smith created and experimented with essentially deputizing Big Labor officials giving them New York State Authority to harass workers and employers of their choosing. 

Sen. Isakson cited the nominees inaccurate statements regarding the New Yor Wage Watch Program, a highly suspect enforcement program that relies on outside private entities, mostly big labor.The NRTW Committee’s video interview with Randy Schaber illustrates what has happened when big labor runs Wage & Hour.  A U.S. DOL Inspector General investigation proved misuse of federal authority by a former SEIU official who had a presidential appointment.  Sound familiar? 

Sen. Isakson’s statement can be read here.  The Committee’s video regarding the M. Patricia Smith appointment can be viewed here.  The Committee has held back posting its M. Patricia Smith report while it waits for several yet to be released FOIA requested documents.