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Doug Stafford of the National Right to Work Committee lays Big Labor’s strategy to ram the Card Check Forced Unionism bill down the throats of the American people:

Now that Al Franken is the new Senator from Minnesota, giving the Democrats enough votes to break a filibuster, opponents of the Orwellian-named “Employee Free Choice Act” have been wondering what Big Labor will do. 

“EFCA” leads to more forced unionism and since the Democrats have found new strength, it’s more than likely that they’ll try to jam the bill through Congress this fall despite the growing, nation-wide opposition to it. 

If the card check bill as written were to pass, workers would lose their right to secret ballot elections when union organizers target their workplaces.

 The result would be hundreds of thousands of additional small businesses and millions of additional workers would be forced under Big Labor control in the blink of an eye. Any workers who refuse to sign so-called “union authorization cards” could find themselves victims of lies, intimidation, threats, harassment — and WORSE — from union militants.

Recently it has been reported that Senate negotiators are considering dropping the card check provision in order to secure the 60 votes needed to pass this bill. While talks of card check’s demise are of themselves premature, that doesn’t even begin to correct the destruction built into Big Labor’s demands.

You see, Big Labor has yet another ticking time bomb hidden in the card check legislation that may just be worse for America’s fragile economy than card check itself. 

It seems mild enough. It’s about “arbitration.” But as nice as “arbitration” may sound, in this case “arbitration” means that government bureacrats will impose union contracts on businesses unilaterally, regardless of the irresponsible or unrealistic demands union “negotiators” make which may preclude an agreement. 

Think about it: first, the employees are denied a secret ballot and then the they are denied the right to ratify their own terms and conditions of employment.

A more one-sided arrangement would be tough to design.

Think about that. 

If the union bosses can drag out negotiations with an employer past 90 days by making outrageous demands, Obama administration bureaucrats will have the power to use this so-called “problem” as an excuse to write a new labor contract and force its terms and conditions of employment upon those workers

So, first, union bosses pushed legislation to take away workers right to vote in private during union elections. Now, they’re in favor of removing workers’ right to vote on their own contracts.

Why are the union bosses so afraid to let workers have their say, in private, free from coercion and intimidation?

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) — Big Labor’s point man in the U.S. Senate — has already been hinting at a vote on card check or their repackaged forced unionism power grab — which is also rumored to include provisions like ambush elections and union boss access to business property — in the next few weeks.

Over the past month or so, with the help of Big Labor’s lobbyists, Senate negotiators — largely Big Labor allies — have been doing everything they can to line up enough votes to overcome any filibuster and ram through some version of these power grabs.

These new proposals are bad enough. But there still remains the problem of those on both side of aisle declaring that card check is dead.

Don’t be fooled. Big Labor never gives up that easily.

The union bosses have been publicly resistant to this idea, and will continue to hold their allies feet to the fire in the Senate to get their way.

Quoted in the People’s Weekly World — an overtly communist publication — the AFL-CIO’s Director of Legislation said there would be no changes “that would undermine the basic thrust of the bill.”

And more recently, SEUI President Andy Stern publicly stated that card check must be voted on by the full Senate, even if they have to get it offered as an amendment to one of these Trojan horse proposals taking shape behind closed doors right now.

The good news is, the National Right to Work Committee is well underway with nationwide grassroots mobilization and media campaign to publicly oppose the Card Check Forced Unionism Bill (S. 560) or any other bill that gives union bosses more power over American workers.

The Committee is contacting millions of Americans — nearly 6 million so far this year — to lead a grassroots effort to build opposition through direct mail, phone calls and e-mail alerts to the “card check” bill or other similar legislation.

Only an alerted and mobilized citizenry can counter the forced-dues political machine of the union bosses. But that won’t happen unless hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens are mobilized and ready to join this fight to stop the Card Check Forced Unionism Bill or any similar bill dead in its tracks.

That’s why it’s vital all opponents of forced unionism contact their Senators and demand they vote against the so-called “card check” bill or any similar legislation.