Teamsters Pull Plug on FedEx Unionization Campaign

Teamsters bosses in Massachusetts have cancelled a scheduled election by FedEx drivers after realizing they had little chance of victory. “This is a complete victory for FedEx Home Delivery contractors Worcester and a total defeat for the Teamsters,” said a FedEx spokesman.

Rather than admitting that they were going to lose the election, the bitter Teamsters proclaimed the election would not go forward because it was “not going to be free or fair.”

Free or Fair?

Apparently the Teamsters knew, if the drivers got a chance to vote in a secret ballot election, they were going to lose.

Free or fair now means one-on-one intimidation by union operatives to get a worker to sign a card forcing the union in without an election.

If they ever enact their Card Check Scam Bill, elections won’t be either free or fair because there won’t be any.

Crocodile tears indeed!