The Stakes — Forced Unionism Without a Vote

Big Labor will spend nearly half a billion dollars trying to elect Pro-Big Labor puppets who will pass the Card Check Scam Bill. Don’t just listen to us, listen to AFL-CIO bigwig Stewart Acuff. As reported by David Weigel on

My brothers and sisters, if we go into 2008 with an even larger mobilization of workers behind this legislation, with even more commitment to win the election in 2008, and put this on the agenda in 2009, I’m here to tell you today that we will pass this legislation, in the House, overwhelmingly! We will pass it in the Senate! We will defeat a Republican filibuster! And we will have a president who signs the Employee Free Choice Act! And we can get back to the business of restoring the American dream for millions and millions of workers.

If they pass their so-called Free Choice Bill, millions of workers will have no choice whether to join a labor union. That’s about as Orwellian as you can get.