The Walk to Freedom and Fairness

A York County, Pennsylvania man is walking nearly 90 miles to Washington, D. C., to protest rules which favor labor unions. John Falk, 59, of Red Lion, said he is protesting rules he calls “unfair” that allow labor unions to nab government construction jobs. “The point is not against the union worker,” Falk said. “The point is the right to work. And I don’t think anyone can argue that point. It’s not a union or nonunion situation. It’s about the right to work.”  Falk says he hopes to arrive Tuesday at the U. S. Capitol steps, where he will deliver a petition signed by thousands of people who support his effort.

Falk is one step away from doing what hundreds of thousands of other workers and employers have done — walk away from states like Pennsylvania and Michigan and into Right to Work states like South Carolina and Tennessee where workers are not forced to pay union dues as a condition for employment.