Top 10 Lies

The National Institute for Labor Relations Research (NILRR) has just released a new Fact Sheet on the “Top 10 Big Labor Lies and Misleading Claims About the Colorado Right to Work Amendment.”

Now that it appears likely Coloradans will vote this November on a proposed constitutional amendment that would prohibit the firing of employees for refusal to join or pay dues or fees to an unwanted union [i.e. a Right to Work Amendment], union officials and other compulsory-unionism apologists have launched a $25-35 million-dollar campaign (according to their own, undoubtedly low-ball estimate) of lies and distortions to ensure the amendment doesn’t pass. [Read on.]

The Fact Sheet makes for interesting reading. All a Right to Work law does is preserve the right of workers to decide for themselves whether or not a labor union deserves their personal and financial support. Big Labor always brags that it speaks for workers, but how can Big Labor know what the workers want, if those self-same workers aren’t allowed to speak for themselves? Talk about Big Brother. Big Labor is losing sight of what a union was established to be. In its zeal for more power, Big Labor is becoming what it claims to be fighting against.