Union bosses get major role in Obama(S)care

 Would America’s healthcare system  run better if  all healthcare workers had to join or pay union dues to keep their jobs and if union agents managed it?  That is a question that Kevin Mooney of the Washington Examiner explores in his commentary: 

Union officials are likely to fill key positions on committees making major decisions if President Barack Obama’s government-run health care reform proposal becomes law, according to a new study by the National Right to Work Committee. 

Sections 123 and 2251 of H.R. 3200, the version of Obamacare being pushed by House Democratic leaders, are of particular concern, according to NRTWC, because they could put union-backed appointees on new government committees that recommend mandatory health insurance benefits provided by private insurers, and personnel policies the bill describes as necessary “to ensure quality and adequacy” of the nation’s health care workers.

Such provisions could put labor officials in positions to influence health care policies across the country, said Greg Mourad, director of legislation for the NRTWC, and to mandate that health care workers join unions.

“Big labor is guaranteed a place on the various committees, and that’s something we see as a dangerous sign,” said Mourad, the principal author of the NRTWC study. “The idea is to get the whole country on a model where you have teams of union stewards telling doctors what to do.”