Union Bosses' Stranglehold on Taxpayers: More Government Spending Now!

Back in 2000 Reed Larson, then President of the National Right to Work Foundation, released a book titled Stranglehold that warned of the coming conflict with government union officials using their monopoly unionism power to dramatically increase the size and cost of government.

That conflict has arrived.

With most analysts scratching their heads wondering why the trillion dollar “stimulus” spending plan passed by Congress is not creating jobs, union lobbyists are pressing Congress for another massive spending package.

From The Hill:  “A group of unions, including the AFL-CIO and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), said they will start pressing lawmakers for a jobs bill. They said the $787 billion economic stimulus approved earlier this year, though helpful, wasn’t big enough and didn’t include enough government spending.”

A trillion dollars was “not enough government spending?”

All of these new spending programs and burdens the taxpayers have to shoulder have to leave one wondering: At what point does the back of the taxpayers break?