Union Official Takes Fifth on “Blue Flu”

Connecticut state law bans public unions from organizing strikes or similar work stoppages that could interrupt normal functioning.

But when two Stamford police union officials were questioned about a statistically improbable absentee pattern over a nine day period during ongoing contract negotiations, one denied “orchestrating a sickout” while the other, union secretary Jessica Bloomberg, “took the Fifth on almost every question . . . ”

“Those questions included whether she or any other union officer had any role in organizing the sickout, and whether she mapped out which officers would call in sick or instructed officers when to skip work.”

The “alleged ‘blue flu’ started Nov. 28, when half the 26 patrol officers scheduled to work called in sick. Absences spiked over the next three days, with an average of 23 officers calling [in] sick, according to department records and statistics released by the city.”

Public employees are supposed to answer to the people and their duly elected public officials. Union officials represent a special interest group, and should not be allowed to hold the public hostage to their demands.