Union Teamsters Representing XPO Logistics Get Outvoted by Workers

XPO Logistics
Credit: Freight Waves

For XPO Logistics, previous practices were that workers were represented by union bosses. However, this got old real quick. With help from the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, workers got to vote whether the union should be decertified. And the response wasn’t surprising. Not only did the union teamsters get outvoted by the XPO Logistics workers, but they lost by a landslide of 16-2.

In an article posted in John Kingston in Freight Waves, Mark Mix, President of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, shares his opinion on the matter:

“Union bosses take every chance they get to maintain control over workers, even when they are overwhelmingly opposed by those they claim to represent.”

Mark Mix, as quoted by John Kingston in Freight Waves

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