Vegas Union Spokesman Speaks “out of turn”


Our blog noting ABC’s Ben Brubeck’s blog on a Vegas union’s pension seems to have come from false statements by the union’s spokesman.  According to the update and correction

Laborers chief Tommy White wants to make one thing perfectly clear: His union would like to build Las Vegas a new city hall — but not with nearly $80 million from the local’s pension fund, as one of his deputies told the Sun last week.

That deputy, Tom Morley, has been suspended for “speaking out of turn,” White said.Morley, who makes $104,000 a year as political director and spokesman for Laborers Local 872, told the newspaper the union had voted unanimously to use its pension fund to finance up to half the cost of a proposed city hall. City officials estimate the project’s price tag at $157 million, meaning the union would have put up nearly a quarter of its pension fund.