Video: National Right to Work Delivers Petitions to Congress

Big Labor spent well over one billion dollars getting Obama and other pro-forced unionism politicians elected in 2008, and it was clear from the beginning that union bosses would demand payback for their massive investment.  

That’s why since day one of the Big Labor-dominated Obama Administration, the National Right to Work Committee has been rallying Americans against dangerous new union boss power grabs. We’ve collected hundreds of thousands of petitions online and through the mail to remind Senators and Representatives that the American public overwhelming opposes Big Labor’s special privileges. And we don’t just collect petitions – we deliver them.

Here’s a video of Right to Work staffers and volunteers going door-to-door on Capitol Hill to make sure your voice is heard – and to make sure that Congress understands just how unpopular Big Labor’s power-hungry agenda really is:

To add your name to the over 300,000 people who have signed their petition to Congress opposing union boss power grabs click here.