Virginia Bans Giveaways to Construction Unions

Virginia has enacted legislation to ensure fair and open competition for construction contracts barring wasteful Project Labor Agreements that drive up the cost of construction to taxpayers by nearly 20%.  The bill was signed by Gov. McDonnell.

Delegate Barbara Comstock the chief sponsor of the legislation released the following statement:

“HB 33 is commonsense legislation that will guarantee competition and a level playing field for all Virginia workers and businesses. This bill protects the 96% of Virginia workers who are non-union. It commits that Virginia workers won’t be robbed of jobs through crony contracting and makes sure that Virginia’s tax dollars are spent wisely and stretched to respond to our transportation and infrastructure needs.”

“Passage of this legislation should send a wakeup call to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Board (MWAA) that they need to work with all of their funding partners who seek a level playing field for all Virginia workers. With passage of this legislation, MWAA can no longer stack the deck for union contractors. Instead of pushing union mandates and union preferences they should do what is best for Virginia and comply with the law and our right to work tradition that threats all employees equally.”



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