What Big Labor Says

The Nation, a far-left publication that has endorsed the Card Check Scam Bill, takes a look at what union bosses and activists have to say about their defeat in the U.S. Senate.

It’s worth noting:

The Teamsters applauded the majority vote, calling it “a significant achievement in the fight to restore America’s middle class.”

The AFL-CIO’s lead blogger, James Parks, stressed that “the momentum for this bill is growing. The grassroots movement behind this legislation is bigger and more exciting than anyone believed last year.”

In conclusion, they hope:

[T]his defeat is but a temporary one on the road to victory. As one of the bill’s sponsors and one of the Senate’s strongest progressives, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, made clear in a fiery press conference this afternoon, “It’s clear the majority of the American people want this legislation. A majority of the House wants it. A majority of the Senate wants it. And we will keep coming back year after year.”

His notion of a majority of Americans supporting this bill designed to strip workers of the secret ballot elections is no where near true. But we can all take heart. Big Labor bosses have spent an estimated 10 billion dollars (mostly dollars extracted from workers who would be fired if they didn’t pay) over the last 10 years to buy a majority in Congress.

Now if they do try to buy a majority of the American people, it is going to cost a “bit” more. But it would likely be one way to keep the economy humming along.

They won’t stop fighting.

Neither should we.