Whiny Wayward Democrats

The Indiana legislature fines legislators $1000 a day for an unexcused absence.  With Big Labor union bosses demanding Democrats stop the will of the majority by denying the legislature a quorum, Indiana Democrats are not showing up to work.  That has put a few of them in a bind.

Two Democratic lawmakers — Reps. Vanessa Summers of Indianapolis and Shelli VanDenburgh of Crown Point — are seeking a temporary restraining order to block the fines.  Attorney Mark GiaQuinta, who is representing Summers and VanDenburgh, said neither has income outside the legislature.  “They’re faced with a choice of representing their constituents or supporting their families,” he said.

That is, of course, sheer nonsense.  Legislators represent their constituents by showing up to work and voting their conscience.  They don’t represent their constituents by ducking, hiding and not avoiding tough choices.  Indiana citizens want their Right to Work.