White House Threatens to Veto Another Big Labor Power Grab

The White House has indicated that it is likely to veto legislation aimed at unionizing Transportation Security Administration employees. TSA Administrator Kip Hawley said he would lose flexibility if he needed union approval before changing screener duties or if he had to fight a union to fire a negligent screener. “If we want to bring in new (security) equipment or move equipment, that’s subject to negotiation and delay,” Hawley said. Hawley said unionization would cost the agency $160 million to hire labor lawyers and set up collective bargaining.

Thirty-six Republican senators sent a letter to Bush in late February saying they would provide the needed votes to sustain a veto in the 100-member Senate. That’s enough senators to uphold a veto.

Right to Work supporters can encourage the President to stand up for workers rights and national security by vetoing any bill that would force federal employees into a union collective. Contact the President at comments@whitehouse.gov or (202) 456-1111.