Workers' Dues Money Mismanaged

An audit of the Teachers Association of Long Beach (TALB), California, confirms that workers’ dues money that was to go to the general fund was used for election campaigns, according to the Long Beach Press Telegram.

The audit found that:

Political expenses appeared to have been paid with money designated for the union’s general operations, and not from separately maintained accounts reserved for political causes.

The amount of campaign spending appeared to have exceeded the totals approved by the union’s two governing bodies. . . .

. . . [A]uditors found that TALB appeared to have used $39,629 from its nonpolitical accounts for campaign purposes, according to a copy of the audit, which was based on the firm’s review of financial documents and employee interviews.

Of that total, $10,667, which had been designated for bargaining expenses, apparently was spent on political items such as postage, a banner, campaign photography, legal services and other purchases, the auditors concluded.

They concluded that the money should have been allocated to the union’s separately maintained political fund.

Because union members designated specific amounts of their dues for politics, the use of TALB’s financial resources for political activities “would be considered a misappropriation of funds,” auditors concluded in their written findings.

Also part of the $39,629 total was a nearly $29,000 check from TALB general funds made out in August of 2006 to attorney Fredric Woocher for the payment of legal fees. An invoice from Woocher’s law firm did not specify the exact purposes of the legal services that were provided, according to the auditors. . . .

Workers in California do not have the Right to Work and are coerced into joining the union and paying union dues even after mismanagement of their funds.