What’s Next for Right to Work South Carolina’s Economy?

Businesses investing in Right to Work South Carolina are Flybar and Palmetto Millworks of the Carolinas, as well as Envision AESC. Each company will be investing millions of dollars into the state’s economy, as well as creating new jobs. Read on so you can learn more about their positive economic impacts!


Flybar is investing $8 million in order to add a new facility in Right to Work Greenwood, South Carolina. This will also create 36 new jobs!

“At Flybar, our mission is to create smiles and lifelong memories for our customers, our team, and our communities. We are so excited to bring this mission to Greenwood. We know we will be in good company with other great organizations, a strong labor force and the South Carolina DOC, for whose support we are so grateful. Greenwood’s infrastructure, proximity to the port and mature business market made it the ideal location for our main distribution center. We can’t wait to get Greenwood bouncing and smiling.” […]

“We are excited to announce operations for Flybar, Inc. in Greenwood County which will add to the area’s growing roster of new businesses. By creating these job opportunities and investing in our state, Flybar, Inc. joins our robust logistics community that continues to advance South Carolina’s economy.”


Palmetto Millworks of the Carolinas:

Palmetto Millworks of the Carolinas is investing $5.5 million in order to expand and create 47 new jobs in Right to Work Columbia, South Carolina.

“Palmetto Millworks of the Carolinas, LLC is excited to announce that we will be breaking ground on a new facility which will be in the Lightwood Industrial Park here in Richland County. We are looking forward to expanding our current operations with our new facility while continuing to provide Richland County residents with additional job opportunities.” […]

“Palmetto Millworks of the Carolinas, LLC’s expansion in Richland County further proves that South Carolina has the business-friendly environment and workforce in place where companies find success. We are proud of their growth in Richland County and look forward to continuing our strong business partnership.”


Envision AESC:

Envision AESC is investing $810 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Florence, South Carolina. This will also create 1,170 new jobs!

“South Carolina has been an automotive manufacturing powerhouse for over 30 years, and Envision AESC’s decision to establish operations in Florence County and to create jobs for thousands of South Carolinians shows that we will continue to be one for years to come. […] We have the workforce, business friendly environment, and the willingness to adapt to industry’s innovation necessary to ensure that companies that choose to do business here will find the success they’re looking for.”


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