“A Streak of Castroism in Wisconsin”

Jay Nordlinger at National Review Online documents some of the union thuggery in Wisconsin:

Someone wrote me that the “public employees” in Wisconsin reminded her of Chávez and his goons in Venezuela. Actually, they remind me of Cuba. There, the dictatorship sends its loyalists to the homes of those suspected of not being loyalists. They scream, beat on things, denounce, and threaten. The idea is, the “disloyal” Cubans are supposed to quake in their homes, and they do. These tactics are called actos de repudio — “acts of repudiation.” They are a mainstay of the regime.

In Wisconsin, the schoolteachers and other “public employee” beauties are going to the homes of Republican lawmakers, screaming, denouncing, etc. The situation has gotten very bad. We know where you live. Yesterday, I had a talk with Sen. Randy Hopper, recorded here. Republican lawmakers have received threats, and credible ones: threats to their physical well-being. They are not disclosing their movements, whether they are sleeping in their own homes. They are working with law enforcement on how best to protect themselves and their families.

Lawmakers are getting an up-close and personal view of  union organizing campaign like the ones that the  Schaber and Bego families endured for years.  America is getting a real-time look at what community organizers and union organizers do.  This mass initimidation would be more common place had the last several congresses voted to enact card-check secret-ballot-election bypass scheme (EFCA) that would have eventually brought union organizers to every employee’s home door who resisted signing-up for a union boss.