A Tangled Webb

Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) – a cosponsor of the Card Check Forced Unionism bill in 2008 (S. 560 in this congress) – is now indicating that he may withhold support for the bill.  His spokesperson Jessica Smith said,

He doesn’t believe this is the appropriate time to introduce this legislation or to be debating it.”  

In other words, he wants the issue to go away so he doesn’t have to take a stand on the issue.

Of course, forced unionism is not fair and equitable in any form but its good to see that Sen. Webb is feeling the heat from Virginians and most assuredly folks across the country on this forced unionism abomination.  

Everyone should contact Sen. Webb again to oppose S. 560 and any  bill that would expand forced unionism.

Toll Free Number: 866-507-1570

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