AFL-CIO Driving This Ford

Time magazine this week features a glowing profile of Congressman Harold Ford (D-TN) and his quest to replace Bill Frist (R), who is not running for reelection, in the United States Senate. Tennessee AFL-CIO Labor Council Boss Jerry Lee is quoted in the story as saying, “Harold Ford, Jr. is the most exciting candidate I’ve seen since John F. Kennedy.”

Ford is exciting to the union bosses for obvious reasons — he would be a rubber stamp for their congressional agenda, and the thought of Ford supporting more forced unionism in the Senate is enough to make their hearts race at a pace that even heart doctor Frist could not slow.

Tennessee has a proud tradition of honoring its working men and women by passing and protecting its state Right to Work law, but Jerry Lee and Harold Ford have their hearts set on changing that.

Not only does Ford oppose Right to Work, he is a cosponsor of H.R. 1696, Big Labor’s “Card Check” scheme.

H.R. 1696 empowers union bosses to force employees to accept a union as their exclusive bargaining agent solely through the acquisition of signed authorization cards from employees in a particular bargaining unit.

Workers lose all their privacy rights under the scheme as they will be forced to sign the cards under the watchful eyes of union organizers. No more secret ballot. No more workplace democracy. That suits Big Labor and Harold Ford just fine.

By the way, it was JFK who, back in 1962, signed Executive Order 10988 granting government union bosses the privilege of monopoly representation over public employees. Since then, union officials have used the privilege, once thought “unconscionable” by President Franklin Roosevelt and then AFL-CIO boss George Meany, to grab control over almost 40% of public employees across the country.