AFL-CIO Goal: Force Every Employee Into A Union Contract

trumka-obamaBig Labor embarked on a project to push legislation that will force all private-sector workers to be under a union-controlled contract with their employers according AFL-CIO head honcho Richard “Dick” Trumka.

During and after a meeting with Wall Street Journal reporters and editors Wednesday, Mr. Trumka wouldn’t provide specifics about labor’s plan or timing. But he suggested employers should be required to bargain over wages with all private-sector workers — union members and nonunion workers alike.

“We believe nonunion workers should be able to come together and negotiate [i.e., have a union boss negotiate] with their employer ” he said. “Without [forced] collective bargaining, how do we [Big Labor control employers and nonunion employees]” Mr. Trumka asked.

“We’re going to try to get … enacted in the law that every worker should [be forced under a union contract], whether they have a union or not,” he said.

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