AFL-CIO Lawyer Working Behind the Scene at DOL?

Jim McElhatton of the Washington Times reports that one of the biggest beneficiaries of Labor Department financial disclosure rules is the AFL-CIO.  And wouldn’t you have guessed it?  The AFL-CIO has its own Associate General Counsel running the Secretary of Labor’s Office. 

However, Mark Mix, president of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, which provides legal services to workers who say unions have violated their rights, called the rollback of union financial disclosures troubling.

“The department’s decision not to protect simple union disclosure protections creates increased vulnerability for American workers and should serve notice to legislators that now is not the time to grant union bosses more unchecked power over workers and our economy,” he wrote in a recent letter to the department.

He said the AFL-CIO would “benefit greatly” from the delay or rollback of expanded reporting rules. “It immediately allows the AFL-CIO to avoid financial disclosure that is beneficial and necessary to rank-and-file workers who are forced to pay union dues and fees to keep a job,” he said.

Jim Coppess, associate general counsel for the AFL-CIO, discounted the criticism. He said the Labor Department’s recent moves did nothing to affect the transparency of union financial reports or the ability of federal regulators to monitor expenditures.