Andy Caldwell and Mark Mix: Supply Chain Crisis, Ports, AB5, And More

Andy Caldwell Show Host Andy Caldwell and National Right to Work Foundation President Mark Mix discuss various important topics such as the Supply Chain Crisis, Ports, AB5, Biden Department of Labor, and Big Labor Boss Schemes.

Here’s a sneak peak of their conversation:

Andy Caldwell: So, you know, California is the epicenter in many ways, at least in part of this supply chain breakage and backup that 40% of all U.S. container imports come through Long Beach and Los Angeles.

And the press here, in my opinion, because they are, you know, want to do a favor to Gavin Newsom and the unions are not really explaining why and why this is happening, what’s going on and how to resolve it.

Mark Mix: Yeah, and you know, the issue, it seems like when we talk about issues and problems, you know, in the country and particularly when we talk about the supply chain and tax policy and governmental policy.

But right now, there’s two major reasons why there’s problems in the supply chain and that is government and the union monopoly power that exists in the supply chain structure. These are legacy problems.

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