Another SEIU Purple Paragon Fades Away: Anna Burger Resigns

For those SEIU Watchers wondering when SEIU’s longtime number two Anna Burger is going to step down, the wait is over.  Answer:  Wednesday August 11, 2010 according to BNA:

Anna Burger, the long-time secretary-treasurer of the Service Employees International Union, and chair of the Change to Win federation, Aug. 11 announced her retirement from both positions effective immediately.

In a statement, Burger said she is “committed to building a permanent and sustained progressive majority,” adding, “we need a coordinated progressive infrastructure that protects our American values of fairness and justice, and I intend to be part of that work.”

Burger will continue to consult and work with SEIU on “economic solutions for working families,” and will remain a member of the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, according to an SEIU spokeswoman.

Burger’s duties as secretary-treasurer will be fulfilled temporarily by SEIU President Mary Kay Henry. The union’s international executive board is scheduled to vote in mid-September on a successor to complete Burger’s term, which does not expire until 2012.

But, does this mean that SEIU’s Anna Burger will no longer be a Democrat National Committee (DNC) Super Delegate – you betcha!  She was only part of the DNC controlling body because of her position with Big Labor (other union bosses are DNC super delegates as well).  Shouldn’t these DNC structural political positions make SEIU part of a political party, and shouldn’t it be required to file IRS and Federal Election Commission reports as a political organization? 

Here is a related flashback provided by taxpayer funded NPR(Audio)

The day after he locked up the nomination, Obama returned the favor when he addressed the union’s annual convention.

“If I keep on seeing purple everywhere I go,” he said, referencing the color associated with the union, “if you vote for me, then I promise you this: We will win this general election. And then you and I, together — together, you and I — we are going to change this country, and we are going to change the world. Thank you, guys. I love you.”

 For those who might think Big Labor powerhouse SEIU will become less abusive of FEC, IRS, and other laws and regulations, SEIU’s new boss is the same as the old boss.  When will congress and federal enforcement agencies begin to force Big Labor to play by the rules that everyone else is forced to adhere?