Best for Business

The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council’s “Small Business Survival Index 2007” has ranked South Dakota, Nevada and Wyoming as the best three states in the nation for job creation and small business entrepreneurship. Not surprisingly, all three states have enacted Right to Work laws. In fact, of the top ten states for business, eight are Right to Work states.

Nevada, in particular, has been a beneficiary of its status as a Right to Work state. Ranked second on the study, the Silver State borders California where Big Labor dominates the political and business environment. Businesses seeking to create jobs and escape the regulatory burdens and high taxes of California have found a much better entrepreneurial environment in Nevada.

As reported in the Reno Gazette, the Index cited “Nevada for its lack of personal and corporate income taxes and other costs as well as for being a right-to-work state,” as the main reasons businesses are thriving.