Biden’s Electric Vehicle/UAW Boss Boondoggle

Joe Biden Would Penalize Workers For Choosing to Be Union-Free

Top officers of the corruption-ridden United Auto Workers union, including Stellantis Vice President Cindy Estrada (inset), will undoubtedly rake in additional forced-dues money if the Biden EV subsidy scheme becomes law. (Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons; Insert Credit:  Ryan Garza/ Detriot Free Press/TNS)

Today, union-free American workers, mostly in Right to Work states like Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Indiana, are making the battery-powered electric vehicles (EVs) that Democrat President Joe Biden insists are the wave of our nation’s transportation future.

The $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure” bill that Biden allies on Capitol Hill are now making over, as anticipated final passage votes in the U.S. Senate and House approach, features massive taxpayer subsidies for EVs.

But the President is insisting that the final version of this monstrous spending bill be designed to penalize American EV production employees who choose to work at union-free facilities and reward those who are subject to the monopoly-bargaining control of United Auto Workers (UAW) union bosses. 

Bosses of Crooked Union Will Be Biggest Winners If Scheme Becomes Law

“Americans have disparate views on whether or not the federal government should use tax policy to encourage consumers to buy EVs, rather than gasoline-powered vehicles, in response to public concerns about air pollution and climate issues,” said National Right to Work Committee Vice President Greg Mourad.

“As a single-issue organization, Right to Work has no position on this matter.

“But regardless of what you think about taxpayer subsidies for EVs generally, there is no conceivable reason, other than to pander shamelessly to his Big Labor political patrons, for Joe Biden to want to use hardworking Americans’ money to bankroll a full $12,500 subsidy only for EVs bearing a UAW label.

“The UAW is a crooked union.

“Since 2018, roughly a dozen national UAW bosses, including two former presidents and two former vice presidents, have pleaded guilty to taking bribes from vendors and/or stealing union treasury money to buy vacation time at private villas, expensive restaurant meals, cigars, liquor, and much more.

“Moreover, as Assistant U.S. Attorney David Gardey acknowledged in a court filing early this year, the federal government ‘has not yet completed its criminal investigation of all targets of the UAW corruption investigation.’

“And according to the Detroit News, one of the UAW bosses who may still be in prosecutors’ sites is current Vice President Cindy Estrada, who now oversees the union’s Stellantis department and previously oversaw its General Motors department.

“If Joe Biden and his union-label allies in Congress succeed in creating a new, taxpayer-funded incentive for consumers to buy UAW-made EVs only, Ms. Estrada and Co. will be the biggest winners.”

Since 2009, Vehicle Output Has Grown Nearly Thrice as Fast in Right to Work States

In addition to being a crooked union, the UAW is a union whose “services” have been rejected over the course of the past half-a-century by American consumers and workers alike.

According to historic data from Wards, an independent analyst of the auto industry, the UAW’s market share of U.S. purchased vehicles has plummeted almost continuously, from over 90% in 1965 to 41% in 2019, the most recent year for which annual data are available.

And companies wishing to make vehicles union-free in the U.S. have overwhelmingly chosen to locate in Right to Work states where compulsory union dues and fees as a job condition are prohibited.

That’s the key reason why, from 2009 (the nadir of the Great Recession) to 2019, real U.S. automotive output grew by nearly thrice as much in Right to Work states as in forced-unionism states. (The five states that switched over from forced-unionism to Right to Work between 2012-17 are excluded from this analysis.)

Committee ‘Is Fighting Back’

“President Biden is obviously desperate to halt and reverse the shifts of American vehicle and other manufacturing jobs out of Big Labor-controlled factories and forced-unionism states and into union-free facilities and Right to Work states,” said Mr. Mourad.

 “That’s why he is determined to pay American consumers to buy only UAW-built vehicles.

“But the National Right to Work Committee is fighting back.

“As the critical votes on the so-called ‘human infrastructure’ package approach, the Committee will be mobilizing grass-roots opposition to the entire $3.5 trillion scheme, which includes an array of new special privileges for Big Labor.

“The Committee will also be working, before the legislation comes to the floor of the Senate or House again, to remove the taxpayer-funded bribe to buy UAW-made EVs from the package.”

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