Union Bosses Own Hillary Clinton Candidacy

Forced unionism is hugely unpopular with ordinary Americans regardless of their party affiliation. But presumptive 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has time and again proclaimed her support for it. Image: Jessica Kourkounis/Getty

AFL-CIO union czar Richard Trumka, Service Employees International Union czarina Mary Kay Henry, and other Big Labor bosses are going all out to elect as America’s 45th President Hillary Clinton, the all-but inevitable Democrat nominee.

As the AFL-CIO formally endorsed the Clinton candidacy last week, Trumka issued  a statement publicly emphasizing his well-founded belief that she would have no hope of winning this November were it not for the extraordinary power of the forced-dues-funded union political machine:

Hillary Clinton has proven herself as a champion of the [organized] labor movement, and we will be the driving force to elect her President of the United States.

Despite the overwhelming unpopularity of union  bosses’ forced-unionism agenda with ordinary Americans regardless of their political affiliation, Clinton is unabashed in acknowledging that her domestic policy objectives fall right in line with those of Richard Trumka and company.

In May, as she gratefully accepted the backing of the United Auto Workers union hierarchy, Clinton declared: “If I am lucky enough to be elected President, organized labor will have a champion inside the White House . . . .”

What is it, exactly, that Big Labor wants and expects of Clinton? First and foremost, at the union bosses’ behest, she has committed herself to ignoring the views of the nearly eight of 10 Americans, including a clear majority of rank-and-file Democrat voters, who support the Right to Work principle.

In addition to vowing to the union brass that she will veto a national Right to Work law if it reaches her desk, she is actually bragging on the campaign trail about how she was, as a U.S. senator representing New York State, an original cosponsor of the “Card Check” Unionization Bill.  This scheme would have virtually eliminated secret-ballot voting for union certification and handed Big Labor a huge new weapon to force workers into unions.

Hillary Clinton is eager to benefit from union dons’ massive political mobilization as she seeks the presidency.

What she does not acknowledge, naturally, is that Big Labor’s nationwide electoral program is being financed by union dues and fees that millions of hardworking Americans are forced to fork over, on pain of being of being fired from their jobs. Forced dues-fueled spending pays for phone banks, propaganda mailings, and other so-called “in-kind” support for union boss-favored candidates. Primarily because of its government-granted power to compel workers to fork over dues or fees as a condition of employment, Big Labor was able to spend an estimated $1.7 billion on politics and lobbying in 2013 and 2014.

If current presidential and congressional polls are correct, a federal “election sweep” by Big Labor is a serious danger this year. That’s why the National Right to Work Committee’s  federal candidate survey program is especially critical in 2016.

Right now, the Committee Survey ’16 is already identifying the positions of hundreds of federal candidates on the Right to Work issue.

Within a few short weeks, the focus of the federal survey will turn towards informing freedom-loving Americans about where their U.S. Senate and House candidates stand.

With members’ moral and financial support, Survey ’16 can help Right to Work supporters maintain, at an absolute minimum, a Senate firewall to block “card check” legislation and other power grabs over the next two years, regardless of who is occupying the White House.

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