Big Labor’s Lady in Red – Kentucky’s Alison Grimes

primary-night-alison-grimesDuring her rise in the Kentucky Democrat elite, U.S. Senate candidate Alison Grimes has become Big Labor’s Lady in Red.

However, Grimes appears confused about Right to Work – the freedom from being forced to pay a union boss just to keep or get a job.  Right to Work Laws have nothing to do with bargaining, but Grimes repeatedly throws out the false narrative that Right to Work eliminates collective bargaining.

She even made these erroneous claims during her recent primary victory speech.  If she just googled the National Right to Work Act co-sponsored by her opponent Sen. Mitch McConnell and Sen. Rand Paul, then Grimes would know that she is completely wrong about Right to Work.  Asserting that the Lady in Red is lying would be ungentlemanly, but it is hard to believe that she can be this ignorant of the truth.

Grimes Hides Her Strong Opposition to Right to Work on Her Campaign Website

With over 70% of Kentuckians, both union members and non-members, agreeing with the Right to Work principles, it is no wonder that Grimes’ own campaign website does not mention her vociferous opposition to Right to Work.

Grimes, like so many other forced-union dues financed politicians, allows the truth to be replaced with bogus union boss talking points.  She has seized upon the outlandish rhetoric of union bosses and claims that opposing working Kentuckians from being forced to pay union dues or fees to a union boss is somehow an anti-worker position.  Now, those very forced dues that a National Right to Work law would make illegal are providing Grimes with her ground troops and large political contributions.

Grimes has morphed into just another politician willing to sellout hardworking Americans’ freedom from compulsory unionism for her personal political gain.  To paraphrase a standard Big Labor chant, Shame on Alison Lundergan Grimes!

Like Taking A Labor Boss Blood-Oath, Grimes Denounces Worker Freedom

grimes-at-union-rallyPictured here (right), Grimes proclaims her support for anti-worker compulsory unionism by her shrill declaration against employee freedoms protected by National Right to Work Act as she did the following day (pictured above).

Grimes made it clear to her Big Labor backers that she will be just another Big Labor-controlled Senator who will vote against the National Right to Work Act and vote to repeal the 14(b) which allows states to enact Right to Work laws.

Grimes Should Visit Kentucky’s Neighboring Right to Work States

While Grimes rides her forced-union dues fueled bus across Kentucky, she should go across the border into Right to Work Tennessee, Indiana, and Virginia to learn what worker freedom means. In those states, workers enjoy the freedom to join or not join a union without fear of losing their jobs.  A freedom that Grimes apparently wants to keep from Kentuckians and other freedom loving Americans across the United States.