Big Win In New Hampshire – One Step Closer to Becoming the 23rd Right to Work State, Bill Passes Both Houses

The Right to Work Map may be changing soon, from the New England Citizens for Right to Work news release

Concord, NH – By a vote of 16 to 8, the New Hampshire Right to Work Bill (H.B. 474) passed the State Senate this morning, and is now on its way back to the House for final concurrence before heading to Governor John Lynch’s desk. If the bill becomes law, New Hampshire would be the twenty-third state to pass a Right to Work law, which simply states that no worker can be forced to join or pay dues to a labor union just to have a job and feed their families.  Right now, over 68,000 workers in New Hampshire are forced to pay union dues as a condition of employment.

“A New Hampshire Right to Work law would simply restore workers’ ability to decide for themselves whether or not to join or pay union dues or ‘fees’ to a union official,” said John Kalb, Executive Director of New England Citizens for Right to Work.

Polls conducted in New Hampshire show that nearly 80% of Granite State citizens believe it is wrong to force workers to pay union dues just to get or keep a job.

H.B. 474’s next stop is in the House for final concurrence, and then on to Governor Lynch’s desk for his expected veto.

Kalb said, “Governor Lynch has already promised his Big Labor benefactors that he will veto the Right to Work Bill. But if Right to Work supporters keep up the pressure, we have a good chance of overriding the Governor’s veto and making Right to Work the law of the land in New Hampshire.”