Businesses Continue to Grow in Right to Work Michigan

Two companies will soon be investing in the Right to Work state of Michigan. They include TechSmith and Piramal Pharma Limited. TechSmith will be adding headquarters in East Lansing, while Piramal Pharma will be expanding their current location in Riverview. Altogether, these two companies will be investing $47 million toward the state. In addition, they will also be creating 45 new jobs. So this will be a win for the area’s economy. Read on to find out more about each business’s plans going forward!


“The Lansing area continues to establish itself as a growing tech and professional services hub in the state[. T]his investment by TechSmith further underscores the competitive advantages our state has to offer growing tech businesses, from the strength of our business climate to our talented workforce.” […]

“The Jobs Ready Michigan grant […] is evidence of TechSmith’s commitment to a talent-focused culture and the caliber of the more than 275 jobs that could soon move into the region. […]


Piramal Pharma Limited:

“Piramal Pharma Solutions’ Riverview facility has a […] reputation as the preeminent leader in high potency APIs (HPAPIs), and this expansion is designed to ensure that we retain that position. It enables us to support our customers’ immediate and long-term API needs, strengthens our presence in North America, and enhances our ability to serve patients around the world by delivering the best active ingredients in a timely manner.”


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