Businesses Invest in Right to Work Iowa and Create Economic Growth

Here are two businesses that have chosen Right to Work Iowa as the perfect place to build. BAE Systems plans to soon invest in a research and assembly plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Meanwhile, Spiber is building a new manufacturing facility in Clinton, Iowa. Altogether, these two companies are investing a total of $201.4 million into the state. So this will create economic growth as well as new jobs options for people in the area!

Read on to find out more about each investment.

BAE Systems:

“BAE Systems is a first-class company, and we’re [glad] they chose Iowa and Cedar Rapids for this beautiful new facility. […] This project exemplifies our economic development strategy in Iowa, which is about focusing on innovation and attracting quality jobs that will raise the standard of living and create wealth for our state.”



“We’re proud of our unmatched fermentation technology, and we’re excited to partner with Spiber to bring those capabilities together with our engineering expertise and long value-chain to create plant-based polymers that will go into everything from clothes to car seats. […] We’re equally excited to bring this job-creating project to the Clinton region.”


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