Can We Get Specter Back?

Republican Sen. Arlen Specter (PA) was the only member of his party to support a motion to bring the Card Check Scam Bill to the Senate floor. Such a motion requires 60 votes. With Pro-Big Labor Democrats gaining even more seats in this Congress (one vote shy of 60 votes with the Minnesota seat still in play), Specter’s vote on the “cloture” motion will be more important than ever.

We can’t tell whether this a welcome retreat, but Specter now says he is undecided on the issue.

While it is good news that even a Republican who typically supports Big Labor recognizes the draconian effects of the bill, if Specter once again votes to allow the bill to come to the floor, it would almost certainly make it to President Obama’s desk — and he will sign it into law.

It would be prudent for Pennsylvania residents to let Sen. Specter know how they feel about the Card Check Scam Bill — and remind him that voting to allow the bill to move to the Senate floor is tantamount to voting to pass it.