Day 30 of Daniels Sellout, still no gain

Indiana Republicans ignore thousands of supporters and cave to a few Democrats who run out of town by dumping Right to Work protections for Hoosiers. And yet, Brian Bosma and Mitch Daniels have nothing to show for their sellout; Democrats remain out of town demanding more.

From Deanna Martin at Forbes:

A legislative stalemate in Indiana reached a political milestone on Tuesday as House Democrats who fled the state to block legislation they oppose stayed away for a 30th consecutive day in what now ranks among the longest Statehouse boycotts in recent U.S. history.

Several ingredients contributed to the ongoing standoff, including a supercharged political atmosphere, major proposed changes on fundamental issues, and the state Constitution itself, which requires a quorum for any laws to be passed.

The impasse was first sparked by a so-called “right-to-work” bill that Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels had warned could derail other proposals, but that bill is now dead. The National Right to Work Committee and its Indiana affiliate announced Tuesday a newspaper ad campaign urging Daniels and Republicans to revive the issue. Democrats said they trust Republicans who have assured them the issue will not be resurrected, but said the campaign reflects mounting pressure from the right.