Day Of Disruption, SEIU Boss Sends Out Call

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SEIU intends to create chaos within the next 24 hours.

SEIU is teaming up with George Soros, Black Lives Matter, and other “community organizers” to bring America a ‘Day of Destruction’ being spun as a “Day Of Action.”

On Tuesday, November 29, this so-called “Day of Action” promises to bring “massive protests in 340 cities and civil disobedience across the nation.”

In New York, SEIU 32BJ is holding their “We Won’t Back Down” rally just a few blocks from Wall Street and the Trump the building.

It is time to end forced-dues and stop forcing hardworking Americans, against their will, to pay for organized mayhem, violence, lawlessness, and political protests.

It’s time for Congress to respond by passing the National Right to Work Act.