DePetro and Mix on St Vincent’s Hospital 300 Day Strike

Mark Mix with John DePetro discuss the status of some costly, high-profile Union Boss orchestrated walkouts in Massachusetts and Illinois.

National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation staff attorneys are representing employees up in Worcester at the St Vincent’s Hospital System that have basically just come back from what was a 300 day plus strike that was called by the Massachusetts Nurses Association … one of the latest example [of teacher union overreach] is just another example of the devastating power the union official, a radical group of [Chicago Teachers] union officials, not the teachers in the classroom for the most part, but the radical union officials that have taken control of these monopoly institutions that basically insert themselves between parents and school boards, parents and city councils, parents and county commissioners. Teacher union officials basically say you do it our way, otherwise we’re going to withhold this governmental service of education….

Mark Mix

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