Don’t Let Big Labor Giveaways Expand Virginia’s Economic Crisis

National Right to Work President Committee Mark Mix warns Gov. Northam that now is not the time for political paybacks that will add to the financial burdens of Virginians and negatively impact the state’s economy. Now is the time to heal the state, not a time for edicts from Richmond to undermine the Commonwealth’s economic recovery.


From the Frederick Freelance Lance-Star (Click to read full commentary):

Mark Mix, National Right to Work Committee President

LIKE the entire country, Virginia faces the unprecedented health and economic challenge posed by COVID-19, which is why it is critical that Gov. Ralph Northam veto two union boss power grabs currently on his desk, each of which would undermine state and local efforts to mitigate the damage being wrought by the coronavirus.

Both proposals would increase the burden on taxpayers and otherwise hamstring the flexibility state and local officials need. With government revenues expected to fall due to the economic fallout of the pandemic, this is the last thing Virginia needs right now. …

… But now, as Virginia faces this unique and unparalleled situation, it is especially critical that government officials do not have one arm tied behind their back at a time when they can least afford it.

Northam can make the right choice for Virginia and its ability to respond to COVID-19 by vetoing both bills: the authorization of government union boss monopoly bargaining and legalization of so-called Project Labor Agreements. (For full commentary, click here.)

Mark Mix, National Right Work Committee President

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