East Bay-Area Fire Safety Inspector Prevails in Case Against IUOE Union for Illegal Firing

Construction Testing Services employee wins reinstatement and back pay after being unlawfully fired for exercising right to reject formal IUOE union membership

After being fired over her refusal to formally become a formal union member, Construction Testing Services employee Alexandra Le won a settlement against the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) and her employer. The settlement, won with free legal representation from National Right to Work Foundation staff attorneys, requires CTS to reinstate Le and requires CTS and the IUOE union to jointly pay back to her over $9,000 in back wages and benefits. Le will also receive back hundreds in union fees that were deducted from her paycheck without her authorization. […]

“Ms. Le’s battle to protect her freedom of association from IUOE union officials is courageous, but no worker should ever have to fight this hard to protect their livelihood from dues-hungry union officials,” commented National Right to Work Foundation President Mark Mix.

“While we’re proud to help Ms. Le prevail in her case, the fact is that the very IUOE bosses who so callously instigated her illegal firing are still authorized to collect mandatory union fees from her because California workers lack the protection of a Right to Work law,” Mix added. “Workers themselves – not union bosses – should be in charge of determining whether a union is worthy of receiving their hard-earned cash, which is why all Americans deserve the protection of Right to Work.”


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