Employment Opportunities on the Rise for Right to Work Tennessee

Many economic changes are taking place in Tennessee right now. FNS Group (a South Korea based company) has chosen this state for its US base, and GS is also moving its headquarters here. But that’s not all. ReNew Biomedical Services, a company that already resides in Tennessee, is expanding. Altogether, these three businesses will create over 200 new jobs. So employment options are only continuing to grow!

Read all about them below:

FNS Group:

“Bringing foreign direct investment to Tennessee remains a priority for our department and South Korean companies continue to be great partners. FNS Group’s new facility will be a welcome addition to the area’s business landscape, and we appreciate the company for creating more than 60 high-quality, family wage jobs in Clarksville.”


GS Performance:

“As our economy continues to move forward and grow, we’re proud to welcome GS Performance to Tennessee, and we thank the company for its commitment to invest in the people of our state. The 110 new quality jobs created by this relocation are a great opportunity for Nashville and I look forward to seeing the company grow in the years to come.”


ReNew Biomedical Services:

“The addition of these high-quality jobs in Madison County will make a difference both for the employees and our collective efforts to fight COVID-19. These technical jobs equip healthcare workers with the equipment they need to operate effectively. […] I thank ReNew Biomedical Services for their continued investment in Tennessee.”


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