Exposed: DOL-SEIU Bosses Collusion

Randy Schaber four-year battle with SEIU (Service Employees International Union) bosses and their “corporate campaign” to force card check unionism on Randy’s employees is often repeated across the country by SEIU union bosses. 

As part of its card check forced unionism program, SEIU bosses refused to allow workers a secret ballot; rather they engaged in numerous tactics to avoid the secret ballot election in their attempt to coerce Randy into signing away his employees’ right to a secret ballot election. 

In this particular corporate campaign, SEIU bosses had the U.S. Department of Labor up their sleeves. During this recently released video clip, Randy described his meeting with an SEIU Boss and the bosses admission that the NLRB charges, the employee harassment charges, and the U.S. Department of Labor investigation were all being coordinated by SEIU bosses in an attempt to avoid a secret ballot election.  (Watch)

The National Right to Work Committee opposes forced unionism including Card Check Forced Unionism like the kind described by Randy and the forced unionism contained in EFCA. 

To hear Mr. Schaber tell the story in his own words, we recommend that you listen and watch his full interview (click links to video clip 1, video clip 2, and video clip 3); for a brief description view his shortened interview.  You will be amazed at the abuse of federal power coordinated by SEIU bosses in the 1990’s when they had less control of the White House than they do today.

For more information, you can download the edited version of the U.S. House of Representatives Report and the U.S. Department of Labor Inspector General’s Report that discuss the SEIU boss-run corporate campaign and the U.S. Department of Labor’s abuses that Mr. Schaber suffered that eventually resulted in the dismissal of a Clinton appointee.