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‘Card Check’ Forced-Unionism

To most Americans, the term “card check” means nothing.But to union bosses, this term potentially means billions of extra dollars collected in forced union dues, above and beyond the $7 billion in forced dues and “fees” that unions already report collecting each year on forms filed with the U.S. Labor Department. [More…]

The Freedom from Union Violence Act closes a loophole in the federal Hobbs Anti-Extortion Act, eliminating the special judicially-created exemption in this law for union-related violence and extortion and holding union officials to the same legal standards as other Americans.

This legislation would establish that the 1946 Hobbs Act applies to all Americans, including union officials seeking to advance so-called “legitimate union objectives.” Present law offers this unique exemption for union officials. [More…]

National Right to Work Act

The National Right to Work Committee® supports the enactment of a National Right to Work Act. The passage of a National Right to Work law would eliminate compulsory unionism in every state in the United States. Employees would be free to choose whether or not to join a labor union.The National Right to Work Act would not add a single word to federal law. It would simply repeal five provisions in the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and one in the Railway Labor Act (RLA) that authorize the firing of workers for refusal to pay union dues or “fees” to union officials. [More…]

Obama Administration Personnel Alerts

President Obama’s so-called ethics rules have become meaningless and a common joke for many comedians. However, administration appointments are important to the American people – as President Reagan said “personnel is policy.” That’s why the National Right to Work Committee launched a new information series to bring sunlight on Obama Administration personnel that will most assuredly try to expand the forced unionism privilege enjoyed by Big Labor.  [More…]

Police & Fire Monopoly-Bargaining Act

The National Right to Work Committee® opposes the Police & Fire Monopoly-Bargaining Act (H.R. 413 & S. 1611). The so-called “Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act of 2009,” introduced in the House on January 9, 2009 by Rep. Dale Kildee (D-Mich.) and in the Senate on August 6, 2009 by Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH), would make Big Labor bosses monopoly bargaining agents for local and state police, firefighters, county paramedics, and other public-safety officers in all 50 states.If enacted, H.R. 413 & S. 1611, by federal fiat, would force thousands of state and local governments to recognize union officials as public-safety officers’ “exclusive” bargaining agents. [More…]

Salting & the Truth In Employment Act

“Salting” is an organized conspiracy on the part of Big Labor bosses, aided and abetted by the pro-forced-unionism dominated National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), to obtain access to forced-dues dollars from non-union workers by destabilizing non-union workforces from within. [More…]