February 2016 National Right to Work Committee Newsletter available online

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Energy Builds For National Right to Work Law — January Supreme Court Hearing Spotlights Forced-Unionism Wrongsfeb-2016-newsletter-page1

West Virginia Senate Passes Right to Work Bill — Mountain State Close to Becoming 26th to Bar Forced Union Dues

Presidential Survey Program Is Working — Two ‘Top-Tier’ Candidates Now Pledging to Back Forced-Dues Repeal

Florida NEA Union Boss Guilty of Grand Theft — Monopolistic Government Unionism and Corruption Go Hand in Hand

Big Labor Shill Smears Independent-Minded Teachers — Brushes Aside Facts Union Bosses Opted Not to Contest in Court

An End to Government Union-Boss ‘Free Riding’? — High Court Seems Poised to Bar Public-Sector Forced Dues, Fees