Going the Extra Mile for the Union Bosses

Iowa House Speaker Pat Murphy has gone the extra mile to reward the union bosses with taxpayer largess. With his efforts to enact a state prevailing wage law stalled by a single vote, Murphy has done the extraordinary — he has held the vote open for over one day in order to pressure one member of the House to join with him and the union bosses. Murphy and his Big Labor allies have been beneficiaries of the union bosses political giving.

Matt Strawn, the Chairman of the Iowa Republican Party said:

“While Speaker Murphy’s defiance might please his big labor contributors–it is standing in the way of important efforts to help create jobs for both union members and nonunion members in Iowa and get needed resources to flood victims.

“Tens of thousands of Iowans are looking for legislative solutions that will help stimulate the economy and create new jobs. Thousands of others have been waiting for our State to take action to provide disaster relief so they can rebuild their lives. Unfortunately, Speaker Murphy has decided to put the demands of the big labor bosses who fund his campaigns ahead of the needs of Iowans.”