Gov. Wannabe Schauer Promise: Enslave Michiganders to Big Labor Bosses



Democrat gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer promises Big Labor Bosses: “I will repeal the Right to Work” freedoms and force Michigan employees to give you a cut out of their paychecks whether they like it or not!

Like Obama, Schauer owes a lot to Big Labor Bosses and their ability to use forced-labor union dues to fund and staff the Michigan Democrat Party and his campaign for governor.  In return, Schauer promises to bring back Big Labor’s shackles for hardworking Michiganders.

It will be up to Michigan voters to let Schauer know that they like freedom and do not want to become indentured servants to labor union bosses after he is elected.  Compulsory unionism is not freedom. Schauer is promising to taking away the freedom to choose whether or not to pay tribute to a union boss.