Harassment Suit Settled

It’s a shame when union bosses need the threat of an administrative law judge to do the right thing.

As reported by the Associated Press:

The United Steelworkers union has agreed to drop disciplinary action against four former members who defied a three-month strike last year at Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., the workers and the union said Monday.

The workers said they crossed the picket line to support their families. They said they were threatened with $620 fines and subjected to continued dues deductions after they quit the union and got harassed by union members using bullhorns outside their homes.

To settle a National Labor Relations Board complaint, Steelworkers Local 2L in Akron [Ohio] agreed to withdraw the disciplinary measures, erase records of the actions and post the local’s commitment against harassing union-covered workers. . . .

The National Right to Work [Legal Defense] Foundation, which opposes compulsory union membership, represented the former union members.

“The outright contempt that these thuggish union officials have for employees who refuse to toe the union line is despicable,” said Stefan Gleason, foundation vice president.